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Wasn't Expecting Much. Very Surprised With What I Got.

"I bought a business book on Amazon recently for 10 bucks or so. There were some typographical errors amidst some useful advice. Probably not worth what I paid for it. Plenty of the books you buy today aren't.

The Innovasion books I have purchased are professionally edited. Real book length, too. Not 45 page pamphlets posing as real books. The Secrets Guides were phenomenal value for money. I was so satisfied, I invested in Fascinating Ideas.. If these books aren't your cup of tea, I can promise you will never feel you were taken for a ride."

Dennis Prager Lakewood, Ohio

The Specialised Content Is Superb

"I am not a very good writer but it was up to me to keep our beer blog updated. Whatever I put up there wasn't particularly well written or interesting. It was filler.

Innovasion came to the rescue. Educational and informative articles. I won't lie and say the traffic on my site went up by twenty times. I will say that I got more interesting comments and more repeat visitors and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get that. .  

Highly recommended." 

Tilda Calwell, Camelford, UK

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Innovasion books are your guide to the internet, to travel, to computer expertise. Books you download to your PC or Mac and put on your phone.  
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